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Allianse Innovasjon AS launch GUNDA.

Allianse Innovasjon AS is an open innovation company with experience from oil, energy, accounting and technology that is now launching its first commercialization: GUNDA.

Together with leading companies in the accounting industry, we have pivoted to identify black holes of manual work related to the industry, which we now automate with Norway's most advanced digital co-worker for finance departments and accounting offices. GUNDA will be organized into a separate company from spring 2020.

DemoDay 2020 is the first opportunity to get to know details about our automation project and the growth path we have planned. If you, as an investor or partner, want to know more, we will present GUNDA in Bergen 11th of March 2020 under ENERGY 11:25 - 12:30.

GUNDA. The Digital Accountant of the future.


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